TORCH youth attend Camp Pepin

September 6, 2010

Eleven PRIMEtime youth attended Camp Pepin this summer with the support of TORCH (Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes), a PRIMEtime partner.

Camp Pepin is a YMCA camp located in Wisconsin on the beautiful shores of Lake Pepin.  TORCH provided assistance with the registration process, fees, supplies and transportation.

Highlights of Camp Pepin include archery, sailing, and swimming.  On the ride home, youth were chatting about their plans for next summer and were hopeful that they would be able to return to Camp Pepin.   One TORCH camper declared this was the “best summer of my life.”

Funding for TORCH summer experiences was provided by Women In Northfield Giving Support, the Grace Whittier Fund, and the Northfield Area United Way.

Here’s the latest:

7.20.15City of Nfld logoThe City of Northfield and Northfield’s PRIMEtime out-of-school-time network were featured in a recent newsletter published by the National League of Cities.  The article highlights the efforts of the PRIMEtime collaborative to provide free summer programming to over 500 Northfield youth this summer.  Northfield is recognized as a national leader among small cities in creating citywide out-of-school-time systems. 4PM logo-orangeThe article notes the City of Northfield’s support for PRIMEtime, including partnerships with the Northfield Public Library, Northfield Police Department, and Northfield City Pool.  The piece also recognizes valuable financial grants provided to PRIMEtime by the Northfield Area United Way, Women In Northfield Giving Support, and Youthprise. Participating PRIMEtime summer programs include:

  • Summer PLUS – serving youth in grades K-5, four days per week for 7 weeks at Greenvale Park Elementary School
  • Summer BLAST – serving youth in grades 6-8, four days per week for 7 weeks, and splitting time between Northfield Middle School & Carleton College
  • The Key – a youth-run youth center in downtown Northfield, open daily to all youth ages 12-20
Partners in the PRIMEtime collaborative include the Northfield Public Schools,Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes, Carleton College, St. Olaf College, and Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows program. To access the full National League of Cities article, CLICK HERE.

12.19.14 – As a result of the work of its PRIMEtime network, Northfield was invited by the National League of Cities to participate in its Citywide Afterschool System Building Leadership Academy last week. more »

12.19.14 – Northfield's PRIMEtime collaborative has been featured in the National League of Cities' "Municipal Leadership for Children and Families in Small and Mid-Sized Cities." more »

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“PRIMEtime offers students purposeful and intentional academic and enrichment activities during those most important out-of-school hours when students are most vulnerable.”
– Marnie Thompson, Northfield High School Assistant Principal