Meet one of Northfield’s four Promise Fellows – Mundo Garza

November 10, 2010

Meet Mundo Garza, Promise Fellow with the Northfield High School!

Northfield is very fortunate to have four fantastic AmeriCorps Promise Fellows this year.   These individuals serve full-time, supporting youth in our community through a partnership with the Minnesota Alliance With Youth.   The Fellows work at the Northfield Middle School, Northfield High School, Area Learning Center, The Key, and the Healthy Community Initiative.  Northfield was selected to host four Fellows through a competitive grant process from the Minnesota Alliance With Youth.

This fal, we’re profiling the four Promise Fellows.  Today we feature the final Fellow — Mundo Garza, who is in his first year as a Promise Fellow with the Northfield High School.

Meet Promise Fellow Mundo Garza!

Host Site: Northfield High School
Hometown: Laredo, Texas
School/Major: Carleton College – Religion
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be… Chicken curry!
What you’re reading right now: The Next 100 Years by George Friedman
Favorite place you’ve traveled: Barcelona, Spain
Unexpected fact about you: I used to be able to fit the front half of my foot in my mouth–I haven’t tried this in a long time!

Tell us a little bit about what you do as a Promise Fellow:

In my work as a Promise Fellow, I focus on maintaining academic support programs, both in-school and after-school. I work closely with the Northfield TORCH (Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes) program, a collaborative that provides low-income and minority students (as well as youth who would be first-generation college attendees) with more resources and support for their secondary/post-secondary endeavors.  I also sit on the Northfield High School’s Student Support Team, which identifies at-risk students and develops action plans to address various academic and personal issues.

Here’s the latest:

12.19.14 – As a result of the work of its PRIMEtime network, Northfield was invited by the National League of Cities to participate in its Citywide Afterschool System Building Leadership Academy last week. more »

12.19.14 – Northfield's PRIMEtime collaborative has been featured in the National League of Cities' "Municipal Leadership for Children and Families in Small and Mid-Sized Cities." more »

11.29.12 – Northfield's PRIMEtime Collaborative is being recognized by the National League of Cities (NLC) as a model program demonstrating innovative and collaborative approaches within government. PRIMEtime is one of 27 municipal programs selected for the 2012 City Showcase—NLC’s premiere program celebrating city achievements. more »

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“PRIMEtime offers students purposeful and intentional academic and enrichment activities during those most important out-of-school hours when students are most vulnerable.”
– Marnie Thompson, Northfield High School Assistant Principal