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parachutePRIMEtime Collaborative is a network of local organizations and youth programs that provide free after-school and summer programming for over 1,000 school-age children in Northfield. More information about these programs is available on our Programs page, and documentation of the very positive outcomes of these programs is available on our Outcomes page.

The collaborative was fortunate to learn in September 2009 it would receive funds from a new Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  Fewer than 10% of applicants received funding, so PRIMEtime partners felt very fortunate to have received this highly-competitive grant.  The grant reviewers commented that PRIMEtime is a very cost-effective, collaborative, and innovative model for delivering a variety of after school options to a diverse group of young people.

Nevertheless, while this was welcome news, this new grant covered only a portion of the staffing costs and could not be used for any program expenses or supplies.  In addition, it expired in June 2013 and cannot be renewed.

Being dependent on the uncertainties of state and federal funding makes the PRIMEtime Collaborative vulnerable and serves as a reminder of an important lesson:

It’s our community. They are our kids. Let’s take responsibility for making sure that when 4 p.m. rolls around, they have somewhere safe to go and positive, healthy activities to engage in. We’re all better off when kids succeed.


Financial Contributors to PRIMEtime

Current financial contributors to PRIMEtime include:




Here’s the latest:

7.20.15City of Nfld logoThe City of Northfield and Northfield’s PRIMEtime out-of-school-time network were featured in a recent newsletter published by the National League of Cities.  The article highlights the efforts of the PRIMEtime collaborative to provide free summer programming to over 500 Northfield youth this summer.  Northfield is recognized as a national leader among small cities in creating citywide out-of-school-time systems. 4PM logo-orangeThe article notes the City of Northfield’s support for PRIMEtime, including partnerships with the Northfield Public Library, Northfield Police Department, and Northfield City Pool.  The piece also recognizes valuable financial grants provided to PRIMEtime by the Northfield Area United Way, Women In Northfield Giving Support, and Youthprise. Participating PRIMEtime summer programs include:

  • Summer PLUS – serving youth in grades K-5, four days per week for 7 weeks at Greenvale Park Elementary School
  • Summer BLAST – serving youth in grades 6-8, four days per week for 7 weeks, and splitting time between Northfield Middle School & Carleton College
  • The Key – a youth-run youth center in downtown Northfield, open daily to all youth ages 12-20
Partners in the PRIMEtime collaborative include the Northfield Public Schools,Northfield Healthy Community Initiative, Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes, Carleton College, St. Olaf College, and Minnesota Alliance With Youth Promise Fellows program. To access the full National League of Cities article, CLICK HERE.

12.19.14 – As a result of the work of its PRIMEtime network, Northfield was invited by the National League of Cities to participate in its Citywide Afterschool System Building Leadership Academy last week. more »

12.19.14 – Northfield's PRIMEtime collaborative has been featured in the National League of Cities' "Municipal Leadership for Children and Families in Small and Mid-Sized Cities." more »

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“As a school district, we are very pleased with the impact of the PRIMEtime program on our students. The out-of-school-time programming has provided valuable experiences and we are seeing some very positive outcomes for the students who are participating.”
– Chris Richardson, Northfield Public Schools Superintendent